Coordinate Systems
Subject: Coordinate systems
Author: Clifford J. Nelson <>
Date: 8 Feb 98 07:40:42 -0800
On Wed, Feb 4, 1998 7:01 AM, John Conway wrote:
.... In fact it's a mere matter of convenience whether
we use orthogonal or hexagonal coordinates - neither is intrinsically
better than the other; it's just that some coordinate-systems are better
suited to some problems than others. I've used dozens of different
coordinate-systems in my life, as have most other professional
 <p>John Conway
I have spent about fifty dollars a month for about twenty years on math
books and some time in libraries and I have only run across two coordinate
systems for the uncurved plane: the perpendicular XY system and polar
coordinates. I discovered what I call the Synergetics or simplex
coordinates for the plane in 1994, but I can't find any books about them.
Could you tell me the names of the coordinate systems for the uncurved
plane and maybe steer me to some books? Thank you.
 Cliff Nelson



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