Measuring Points
Subject: Reply to ""Reply to "Re: Do Points Have Area?""
Author: Candice Hebden <>
Date: 22 Jan 98 21:51:33 -0500 (EST)
Hey Jesse---
 In respect to your Points, when you measure the distance between two
Points, do you measure from???
 a. the center of the two points, 
 b. from the sides facing each other, or
 c. from the opposite sides?
 If your answer is a, how can you have a center to the smallest
circular mesurement??? Wouldn't that center have to be at a Point??? 
So then the center of a Point is a Point which is a Point to infinity!
 If your answer is b, how can you have area that doesn't exist??? 
Because if you want to find the length between Point A and Point B,
and there exists a Point C (which is colinear with A and B) which is
between Point A and Point B. Because AC+CB=AB when the points are
colinear, we must account for the length in Point C... which is not
measured with AC or with CB, so then, in your circular geometry, AC +
CB does not equal AB. AC + CB < AB
 If your answer is c, how can you count up area twice... in the above
scenario with this answer, AC + CB > AB
Candice Hebden



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