Defining Points
Subject: Re: Reply to "Do Points Have Area?"
Author: DGoncz <>
Organization: AOL
Date: 1 Jan 1998 09:41:19 -0500
I can only add that "meaning" can be ignored if "properties" are specified. I
am thinking of the high-level computer languages my girlfriend uses at work. I
never mastered anOO (object oriented) language. But we worked with definitions
in college geometry. It is possible for a circle to consist only of four
points. But it wouldn't be a conventional circle.
It's important to say where the unconventional usage begins, and specify it
 from then on in an unambiguous way. But dialog can develop ambiguous
definitions into clear ones. It's just not guaranteed that dialog (or polylog)
will do this. The only one who can make certain it happens is the inventor.
Nobody will take on someone else's problem and clear it up completely. It just
doesn't happen.
Golly, I'm tired.
Happy New Year!
Inventor of Topologically Correct Video
(As far as I know)
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