Coordinate Systems

This page contains eleven files that relate to a discussion of different types of coordinate systems. This discussion took place on the Geometry Research forum. To go to this forum, click on the following link: Geometry Research Forum

1. Coordinate Systems (CS)- Cliff Nelson
2. Different Coordinate Systems - John Conway
3. Selecting a Coordinate System - Jesse Yoder
4. Reselecting a Coordinate System -John Conway
5. Coordinate Systems - Response to John Conway - Jesse Yoder
6. Re: Coordinate Systems - Kirby Urner
7. Four Geometries - Jesse Yoder
8. Coordinate Systems: Foundations - John Conway
9. Coordinate Systems -Circular Inch - Jesse Yoder
10. Coordinate Systems: Circular Inches - John Conway
11. Coordinate Systems: Re: Circular Inch - Jesse Yoder

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